Prepared for Building Regulation Town Planning applications  to your home extension, home improvement, loft conversion and structural alteration  together with any structural calculations that may be needed by the Local Authority or any other bone fide party for their consideration. We use computer aided drawings which assists in the collaboration online with clients and Local Authorities.


The loft - attic space of most homes is almost always unused space. Converting your loft to form extra rooms to increase the living space or a study  is very popular. However, the structural design and build of a loft conversion is often more complicated than a  simple extension.


Design and build, home, house extension, improvement, structural alteration, repair to the external envelope, electrical wiring, plastering, the installation of new windows and doors.

planning permission

Permitted Development Rights give dwellinghouses a range of rights (subject to restrictions,conditions and caveats) to within the curtalage of a dwellinghouse develop land the enlargement, improvement, or other alteration, or add buildings which are incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse without the need to obtain formal Planning Permission. However Permitted Development Rights to your dwellinghouse may have been extinguished or restricted for a variety of reasons, or your proposal is more (ambitious, creative and imaginative) than what's permitted in which case an application for formal Planning Permission will be required. Dig Deeper:-Your Responsibilities, Technical Guidance

structural calculations

To produce clear easy - to-follow structural calculations required by local authority building control. We use SuperBeam ProSteel

party wall etc act 1996

An empirical act based on parts of the London Building Act framed to settle disputes between adjoining owners

new building on or at the boundary of 2 properties
work to an existing party wall or party structure
excavation near to and below the foundation level of neighbouring buildings

The owner "person having the work done" is required to notify the adjoining owners of their proposed work in sufficient detail, in the time frame specified by the act, on the correct forms and a starting date.

home improvements - conversions price

By employing the essentials of best practice first to determine the precise nature and extent of the work required, Esti-mate is used to compute and convey clearly itemized accurate project estimates free, this avoids unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings.

the majority

of residential domestic dwelling house improvements-alterations we do, generate a better than average ratio of repeating business and recommendations from discerning satisfied customers who appreciate careful attention to detailing and a high standard of the finished project.